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A specialized approach and process


At Lisa Luby Ryan Design and Build, we believe clients deserve a fully finished space. Be it an entire renovation or a simple interior design project, we listen to our clients’ needs, create a vision and present the entire project as a finalized piece of art.

We know how confusing it is when clients are left with a new space, but not sure how to entertain in it. Our work ensures customers know exactly how to use each piece, from setting the table to fitting flowers in each room and vase.

Wall art should be properly hung, furniture and flooring should not simply be delivered to clients, but unloaded, unwrapped and correctly placed. When we craft spaces, we ensure our customers are not at home, so when they walk through the door, they’re seeing a complete and final product for the first time.


Phase One

We meet with our clients, listen to their needs to truly understand their lifestyle and how design can support their needs, priorities and reflect their personality.

Then, we cast the vision.


Phase Two

The next step is the hunt. We travel the globe for unique finds and one-of-a-kind pieces to craft just the right mix of elegant classics with a modern twist. We look for timeless pieces that can grow with our clients changing lives. We won’t stop until we find exactly what we’re looking for.


Phase Three

We communicate with our clients the entire time, to ensure the pieces we’re gathering meet our clients needs. Clients know where we are in the process every step of the way.

Once agreed to, we do a “trade parade” at the residence to finalize details and ensure measurements fit with the space trades. We install the project in one day. From the rugs and draperies, to the sheets, towels and the final detail of fresh flowers. We present the entire project at once, so clients can see the consistency of the project as a whole. Our clients walk in surprised and ready to host their friends.


Our Team at Work in the Design Studio

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Get to Know Us

Our meticulous approach ensures clients are thrilled with their new space and know how to use each piece, from setting the table to fitting flowers for each room and vase.  Getting ready to start your next interior renovation or new design/build? Send us a note. We'd love to have a conversation.